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Spotlight Series: An Interview with Dr. Julie Freischlag

Are you seeking guidance and wisdom from someone with a wealth of experience but have no idea where to find them? If so, look no further. Today, we are excited and honored to feature one of our nation’s most respected female vascular surgeons in our Spotlight Series.

Dr. Julie Freischlag is a multi-talented individual. She is not only the CEO of Atrium Health, Wake Forest Baptist, but also the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, as well as a dedicated mother and a practicing vascular surgeon. She stands out as only the sixth woman in the United States ever to have become board-certified in vascular surgery. We are delighted to have her joining us today to share her wealth of knowledge, which is bound to leave you feeling supported, reassured, and motivated, as her teachings are authentic and caring, and her insights resonate deeply. 

Dr.Freischlag truly epitomizes a great leader! Stay tuned for her empowering message, encouraging us to tap into our inner strength and remain steadfast and determined when pursuing our goals.

Show highlights:

  • Dr.Freischlag shares her backstory, highlighting the importance of mentorship.
  • How Dr.Freischlag transitioned from bedside to administration
  • Why it is essential to take risks and keep on learning
  • How Dr.Freislach leads people without being perceived as overwhelming or mean   
  • The lessons Dr.Freischlag learned from COVID-19
  • Some excellent advice for living a happy life
  • How Dr.Freischlag practices self-care and maintains a work-life balance
  • Dr.Freischlag explains why she believes in having a list of women to consider for leadership positions and encourages others to do the same.

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Spotlight Series: An Interview with Dr. Julie Freischlag